Great Basin Brew-Off: Updated Dates

Judging Dates:

  • Wednesday, April 8th, Taps & Tanks, 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, April 9th, Taps & Tanks, 6:30 PM
  • Friday, April 10th, Taps & Tanks, 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, April 11th, Taps & Tanks, 10:00 AM & 1:30 PM
  • Best of Show, Sunday, April 12th, Great Basin Sparks, 3:00 PM

Awards Presentation: Sunday, April 12th, Great Basin Sparks, 6:00 PM.

Registration must be accomplished online.  Important Dates:

  • Registration  opens Sunday, February 15th.
  • Judge/Steward Registration opens Sunday, February 1st.
  •  Entry Window Closes Wednesday, April 1st.

The GBBO is the qualifier for the Nevada State Homebrew Championship (NSHC).  The top three entries at each judging table/category (from Northern Nevada) will qualify for the NSHC.  Like us, Vegas has their own Spring contest which is also their NSHC qualifier.  We will host the NSHC in the summer on a date to be announced.

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Jeff Current Wins Best of Show at NSHC

Way to brew, Jeff!  Jeff won Best of Show (Flanders Red) plus 5 medals (4 firsts, and 1 third).

Congratulations also to other entering WZZ’rs:  Jason Hobbs (2 firsts and a third), Jeff Klino (1 first and 1 second), Nicole Date (1 second), Kirk Howell (1 second).

Also congrats to other Northern Nevada brewers winning medals:  Tyler Brower, Lance Newlin, and Richard McCracken.

For the amount of entries (and entrants) we had from the North, we did quite well.  We’ve got the stuff it takes.

Click on this link to download the complete results.


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NSHC Entries Delivered

Hey, we actually had a packing party, thanks to our hosts’ (Rob and Karen) support and patience (and incentives).

At first, Jason Hobbs’ and mine  were the only entries present (or expected), and at 6:04 PM were packed and ready to go.  Then at 6:05 PM, Mark Enders walks in with his one entry.  Easy enough, room to spare for two measly extra bottles.  Then, glancing backwards,  Jason Hobbs is standing at the counter putting labels on more entries (this time for Nicole).  We started a third box.  Then, about 6:25, Jeff Current comes in with his 14 entries.  Awesome, now we have a party!  Now we have a contest!

Southern Wine and Spirits shipped all the entries for free (about 60 bottles, packed in 5 various sized boxes).  Many thanks to Southern and Adam Cooper, their sales representative, for putting that together for us.  By now, the entries should be in the hands of the contest organizers.

Bill Moreland said they have about 200 entries or more, and only about 10 judges so far, and that they may not get finished by Saturday night, the 18th.  That sounds likely.  Certainly, there is room for more judges if anyone wants to know.



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