Great Basin Brew-Off 2016 – Styles Allowed

Here are the styles allowed in the upcoming Great Basin Brew-Off, listed by numerical order, 2015 guidelines:

21B: Belgian IPA

24: Belgian Ale (with 3 subcategories)

25: Strong Belgian Ale (3 subcategories)

26: Trappist Ale (3 subcategories)

29: Fruit Beer (3 subcategories)

30: Spiced Beer (3 subcategories)

31: Alternative Fermentables Beer (2 subcategories)

No other style categories will be accepted.  Refer to the BJCP 2015 Guidelines for complete information.

We don’t have a date yet (update, May 7th), but shoot for sometime in April or May, maybe later is better to give you more time.  We’ll announce that separately and ASAP.  For now though, start brewing.

Personally, I’m excited that we are moving in this direction (narrowing the allowable styles), focusing more (the new guidelines are massive) with better judging, a smoother operation, and a greater challenge for brewers.  Great Basin Brewing (our primary sponsor) helped select the categories as beers they are interested in exploring.

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