Great Basin Brew-Off Results


Click on the above to see the medal winners and Best-of-Show results.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great contest.

And double-thanks to those of you who came to the Awards Ceremony.  Great turn out!  You made it fun!  Let’s do it again!

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4 Replies to “Great Basin Brew-Off Results”

  1. Thanks Kirk,
    I’m in Las Vegas, I will be checking the mail eagerly. I didn’t win but it’s my first competition So I’m just excited to get some feedback. Thanks again for everything.


    1. Assuming you’re in the local area, the scoresheets will be processed (sorted) and delivered to the Reno Homebrewer later this week. The software has kind of let me down regarding wrapping things up nice and tidy, and it was a struggle just to get the winners list posted on the website. The medals will be included with the scoresheet envelope.

      Out of towners will be mailed their stuff.

      Thanks for asking, it’s nice to see a comment and a reply on the website.

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