More about Beer Evaluations

The Treasurer has confirmed that  the Club will pay for (and bring) the commercial style example of anything we evaluate as a group at club meetings.

So, let’s say there’s something in your personal homebrew inventory, something special that you wouldn’t mind allowing us to practice our judging skills upon.  Let us know and we’ll set it up for a monthly meeting.  It’s that simple.

The club will supply the commercial brew , the sample cups, and even make arrangements with you to transport your homebrew so that you can be anonymous (for objectivity), and then afterwards, it’s your call on how secret you remain.

We will keep the judging as professional and objective as we can, and we won’t hold up the commercial example as the standard for comparison.  We’ll go by the guidelines.  It won’t be surprising if the homebrew example fits within the guidelines better and has fewer flaws than the commercial entry.

Just leave a comment or email via the Contact Us page, and we’ll take it from there.  As of right now, we don’t have beer to judge for the  February 22nd meeting.


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