Nevada State Homebrew Championship

Summer changes things, right?  Yesterday, I brewed for the first time since March 1st, almost 5 months.

But hey, seasons change, and we have a contest on the horizon, the Nevada State Homebrewing Championship (NSHC).  Our Las Vegas homebrewing buds, SNAFU, are hosting and the judging dates are October 17th and 18th.

The competition website is here, where everyone entering has to register.  Registration opens September 1st.  You can add entries anytime up until the deadline, but all entries must be received in Vegas by October 11th.

We hope to have Southern Wine and Spirits ship all of our entries for free, meaning we will have to have a big packing party to get them all in cases.  When?, not sure yet, but probably around the 1st of October.  More on that later.

All the other details are on the comp website.  The most important thing to do now is get brewing.

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