NSHC – Thank You!

A big thanks to all of you that supported the NSHC through entering, judging, stewarding, sponsoring, coming to the awards presentation, or just enthusiasm.  Everything seemed to go very well, and it was very gratifying to me as the organizer.

It’s good also to recognize SNAFU for their contributions, sending in 46 entries via shipping (extra cost), and especially Bill and Janice Moreland, and Dave and Shirley Cron, taking on the expense of coming up here for the weekend to help with judging, stewarding, and support.

The results are on this website (but here’s a link to the exact page just to make it super easy).  The competition between Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada was very tight.  Both had 59 potential entries, but all potentials did not enter (as was expected).  Northern Nevada had 46 entries, Southern Nevada 44 entries.  Of the 28 total medals awarded, Northern Nevada had 15 medal winners, Southern Nevada had 13.  However, in the Best-of-Show’s 3 awards, Southern Nevada had 1st and 2nd place, Northern Nevada had 3rd place.  So, depending on how one determines things, Southern Nevada may have won overall on points, I don’t know.  I do know, however, that it was a great competition.  The entries were of very high caliber (as one would expect, and we weren’t disappointed), as was the opinion of every judge involved.  And, it was so very impressive to have a Standard American Lager win first place in Best-of-Show, standing up to all those other bigger, more complex brews on the table.  The judges had a difficult time narrowing the field, but when it came to 1st place there was no doubt at all.  The 1B Light Lager, Standard American Lager was the winner.  Nice work Jimmy and Donnie Doyle!

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