Registration is Open!

The Great Basin Brew-off 2016 is open for business!  Just click the link on the menu, read the info, and then click to get to the registration site.

Things are different there as you’ll see, but I think you’ll like it once you get some familiarity.  Go ahead and register now, add entries, volunteer to judge or steward, but just don’t deliver your bottles until April, OK?  The deadline is April 23rd, but no self-respecting drop-off location wants to store entries for very long.

I hope you like the new registration site, and really hope you are excited about this competition.  Judging will be held at IMBIB on Wednesday night, the 4th of May, and at Taps & Tanks on Friday, the 6th of May.  Best-of-Show judging, followed by the Awards Party, will be at Great Basin, Sparks; judging at 2 pm, party at 4 pm.

So go ahead now and at least get registered.  When you get to the site, find the Great Basin Brew-off 2016 in the list of upcoming competitions, and click on the registration link on that line.  Every time you return to modify or add to your entries or for whatever reason, click on that same line, not on the top of the page.  The top header only shows your competition history, as if you’d been using the system for years (which many have, especially in Florida).

Important:  When you register, in your profile, there will be a space for a discount code.  WZZr’s (paid up on their dues) get a member discount.  The standard entry fee is $7 per, and $6 after the 2nd entry (max 6 entries/brewer).  The WZZ discount is $5 per, flat out.  But to get the code, you have to ask Rob for it, as he knows who’s up to date and who’s behind.

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