Thanks Jason and Nicole

Thanks for hosting at your home, and providing a warm (although you could not control the winds, what’s up with that?) hospitable environment for fellow zymurgists, fans, and friends.

The tasting of competition beers (another benefit of 3 bottles per entry) was a hit, and likely that practice will continue until the supply runs out.   Although, at Frank’n’Stein (June 14th, see post) allowances for sampling contest beers may not be practical, considering the fastidious brewing preparation employed by our most accomplished host Tom Baldwin.  We may need to simply focus our preparations on great dishes to harmoniously accompany the brew selection provided (which in past year’s has covered most every one of the BJCP style categories♥).

However, back to Jason and Nicole, speaking as one who recently hosted a Whiz meeting, well done, and thank you so very much for opening your home and going to all the trouble to accompany us and our humanity.  May God bless what we strive at, and make our endeavors rich in promise, fellowship, and goodness.

And please, everyone, feel free to post a comment.  Everyone would get a kick out of it.  Other than good taste, there are no censorship rules, and it makes the site more friendly and interactive.

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