Want to Save NHC Shipping Costs?

I’m (Kirk) driving to Sacramento Saturday, March 15th.  I’m hauling my first round NHC entries and will transport yours too if you want.  No charge, as I need to make the drive anyway.

I’ll be at Rob’s Shop Friday afternoon until closing, March 14th.  So bring your entries then (or before), and we’ll pack them up snugly for travel on Saturday, the 15th, and I’ll deliver them to Brew Ferment Distill that day (the drop-off window is March 10-17).


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One Reply to “Want to Save NHC Shipping Costs?”

  1. Yo Kirk, I’ll be at the shop most of the day tomorrow, so be sure to find me and say hi. I’m also actively recruiting for more stewards and volunteers in case some of you want to come down from Nevada. I also have a hotel deal arranged about 1 mile away. I may be out at New Glory Brewing Co, about 10 mins from the shop – we’re cellaring the entries in their walk-in. In any case, let’s connect!

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