Las Vegas Winterfest

In case anyone is interested, SNAFU (Las Vegas) is hosting their annual Winterfest competition on March 28 and 29, and Bill Moreland (the organizer) is offering a free ticket to their beer/food pairing dinner/awards banquet to anyone traveling in to judge.

I would like to go, but can’t this year due to lots of reasons.  Yet, I went last year and got to know many of them because of it, and they are a great group.  Note:  I do plan on going there this fall for the Nevada State Homebrew Championships (NSHC), and so who can expect more than one trip a year to Las Vegas, if even one.

Anyway, here’s a link to their site.  Maybe, someone would be interested in entering a brew or two, and skip the trip.

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Member Discount for Great Basin Brew-Off!

Great Basin Brew-off

The regular entry fee is $6 per.  WZZ members are charged only $4.  That’s $2 off each entry.  If one enters 7 brews (the contest max), that’s a $14 savings.

So, to take advantage of the discount, get current on your club dues ($25), or at least get current when you turn in your entries.  Registration opens March 15th, and judge and steward registration opens March 1st.  Entries are accepted between April 5th and 19th.

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