NSHC – Thank You!

A big thanks to all of you that supported the NSHC through entering, judging, stewarding, sponsoring, coming to the awards presentation, or just enthusiasm.  Everything seemed to go very well, and it was very gratifying to me as the organizer.

It’s good also to recognize SNAFU for their contributions, sending in 46 entries via shipping (extra cost), and especially Bill and Janice Moreland, and Dave and Shirley Cron, taking on the expense of coming up here for the weekend to help with judging, stewarding, and support.

The results are on this website (but here’s a link to the exact page just to make it super easy).  The competition between Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada was very tight.  Both had 59 potential entries, but all potentials did not enter (as was expected).  Northern Nevada had 46 entries, Southern Nevada 44 entries.  Of the 28 total medals awarded, Northern Nevada had 15 medal winners, Southern Nevada had 13.  However, in the Best-of-Show’s 3 awards, Southern Nevada had 1st and 2nd place, Northern Nevada had 3rd place.  So, depending on how one determines things, Southern Nevada may have won overall on points, I don’t know.  I do know, however, that it was a great competition.  The entries were of very high caliber (as one would expect, and we weren’t disappointed), as was the opinion of every judge involved.  And, it was so very impressive to have a Standard American Lager win first place in Best-of-Show, standing up to all those other bigger, more complex brews on the table.  The judges had a difficult time narrowing the field, but when it came to 1st place there was no doubt at all.  The 1B Light Lager, Standard American Lager was the winner.  Nice work Jimmy and Donnie Doyle!

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NSHC Judging at Kirk & Jackie’s House

Kirk and Jackie Howell, 3090 Meadowlands Dr, Sparks 89431 (see map below), invite club members and friends to join us on Friday, October16th, at 6pm.  Feel free to drop by and observe, interact, taste, etc, even if you are not signed up to steward or judge.

You can bring something edible to share if you like, but don’t feel obligated as we will have some prepared.

3090 Meadowlands Dr

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3090 Meadowlands Dr 39.557423, -119.737735

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Nevada State Homebrewing Championship (NSHC)

OK, it’s still summer.  I know we’re not thinking about another contest.  We’ve got other things on our plate.  NCHF is coming up, a season of change and work, and I’ve had a lot going on with a kitchen remodel that morphed into a complete downstairs rehab and  keeping an eye on my Mom (92 years old, bless her heart).  But let’s just say that sometimes contests aren’t the most important things in our lives.
But just a reminder, the entry deadline is October 3rd, a Saturday, at 5pm.  After that, case closed.  The organizer needs some time to sort and label all the entries.  So, not only have them entered in the system by then, but also by then have them delivered to the drop-off locations; Reno Homebrewer or Brew Chatter.
Now, Jackie and I are hosting the judging at our house (3090 Meadowlands Dr, Sparks 8931).  The dates are Thursday and Friday evenings, October 15th and 16th, at 6pm, followed by October 17th, Saturday, at 9am, followed by the Best of Show at Great Basin Victorian, on Saturday at 2pm.
Now, realizing the entries may not come in fully, which if 100% fulfilled would be about 120 entries, we may cancel some judging sessions of which I will keep you informed.
Judges, stewards, potentials, I encourage you to sign up.  I want this contest to be not just another, but good fellowship and learning for us all.  I have no idea how it will turn out.  This is new territory (a contest in which entrants must have previously qualified).  But, I hope to see you, and prepare the best experience I can.
So, qualified entrants, the website is http://washoezz.net/brewcomps/, and judges and stewards, http://washoezz.net/brewcomps/, and may this be an encouraging and uplifting time and experience

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